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Sinn Fein blasted by Irish Freedom President as migrant protests sweep Dublin: ‘They’re a mass immigration party!’



The President of the Irish Freedom Party has criticised Sinn Fein as thousands of people have turned out in Dublin, to protest about immigration and the lack of infrastructure in the Republic of Ireland.

This comes as Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland continue to row over migrants crossing over as the Rwanda deportations get underway.

Speaking to GB News reporter Dougie Beattie, President Hermann Kelly said the protesters are sending a “very clear message”, that “Ireland is full” and that the government should “house the Irish first”.

Kelly added that the protesters have started a new chant that “Sinn Fein are traitors”, which is a “new thing for Irish politics”.

Hermann Kelly says Sinn Fein have been ‘exposed’ as a ‘mass immigration party’

GB News

Kelly told Dougie: “That would never have happened two years ago, but people now have the confidence.”

The President of the Irish Freedom Party hit out at Sinn Fein, and claimed they have “been exposed” amid the migrant row.

Kelly told GB News: “I think Sinn Fein have been exposed as an open borders mass immigration party.

“And now that leaves room for a nationalist party like the Irish Freedom Party, which believes in democratic self-determination for the Irish people.”

Ireland protest

Mass protests have begun in Dublin against the surge of migrants coming over from England

GB News


Kelly added: “They believe in the EU membership, subservience to the European Union. And we’re opposed to all that.”

When asked by Dougie if he believes Sinn Fein should have “taken up Rishi Sunak’s offer” of joining the Rwanda scheme, Kelly responded: “Of course they should have, but they can’t.

“They cannot because they’re members of the EU. And for example, trade policy is set completely by the European Union.

“Ireland has an opt out on justice and home affairs so they can say no to the EU migration pact, for example, but because they want to be the best boys in the class and get a pattern ahead from the real masters in Brussels, they would never say no to Brussels.”

Hermann Kelly

Hermann Kelly backed the protests taking part in the city centre today

GB News

Kelly also highlighted that because they are a part of the EU, it means “EU law is superior to Irish law”.

He explained: “They are happy to accept this open borders and they know what Irish people have. They understand that in matters of EU competence, EU law is superior to Irish law, the Irish Supreme Court and the Irish Constitution.

“And that is not what a democratic Irish Republic is at all.”

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