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Furious Irelanders vow to ‘fight like hell’ amid migrant row: ‘Second class citizens in our own country!’



The Irish government has been blasted by Dublin protesters, as thousands of people took to the streets to demonstrate against immigration and the lack of infrastructure in the Republic of Ireland.

This comes as Great Britain and the Republic continue to row over migrants fleeing Britain for Ireland to avoid Rwanda deportations.

Key figures in the Irish Cabinet are also taking aim at Taoiseach Simon Harris, claiming that his strategy on the migrant row is “naive” and “flawed”.

Speaking to GB News, Dublin locals hit out at their government and vowed to “fight like hell” to “save their country”.

Angry protesters vowed to ‘fight like hell’ to ‘save Ireland’ from migrants

GB News

The mass protest comes after tented communities have sprung up in the city, and sparked big anti-migrant demonstrations outside politicians’ homes.

An estimated 10,000 protesters marched Dublin’s streets this weekend, and told GB News of their frustrations over the government’s inability to tackle the issue.

When asked why they were attending the demonstration, one protester told Dougie she because “the government won’t listen to the Irish people”.

She fumed: “We’re second class citizens in our own country, and they need to be out.”

Ireland protest

Thousands of people took to the streets of Dublin in protest of migrant crossings

GB News

Another Irelander at the protest revealed that they are demonstrating in the city because they fear their country is “going like England”.


Among the protesters were working class mothers and parents, who expressed their concern for the safety of their children as more migrants flee to Ireland.

One mum told GB News: “We’ve got young children, you know what I mean?

“At the end of the day, Irish people are on the streets. If we haven’t got enough houses to house our own, how are we meant to help all of these?”

Another Dubliner was furious with the escalating situation, and vowed to “fight like hell” to protect his home nation.

Irish citizens said they feel like ‘second class citizens in their own country’

GB News

The Irelander raged: “I have a clear message for Harris and the rest of our government. This is Ireland, our Ireland, and we will fight like hell to save her!”

Reacting to the protester’s thoughts, The Liberal journalist Robert Long said the crowds were made up of a “swathe of mostly middle class and working class people”, who feel “they’ve been relegated to second or even third class citizens in their own country”.

Long explained: “History is very ironic. The fact that border controls are now being demanded for by people in the Republic of Ireland shows how incompetent our government actually are, and we’ve put ourselves in a situation where our government allowed us to be used on our border, to be used as a stick, to beat England over the head with, to punish them for Brexit.

“And now we’re reaping the consequences of it.”

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