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Varadkar makes way for TikTok Taoiseach after saying €400bn ‘small price for Irish unity’



“I had a look at that report, and it’s based on certain assumptions and there are many variables, and that’s a potential cost. If you change the variables, the potential cost is a lot lower, but you know I have to say, unification should never be about money,” Mr Varadkar, 45, told the RTE broadcaster.

“I don’t think when the Berlin Wall came down, people in West Germany never considered not unifying their country because of [cost],” he said.

“An economic case can be made that would cost less and that we could grow our economy, and economic growth is the best way to generate wealth, but it shouldn’t be about that,” he added.

“If you believe in the unification of your country, three or four per cent of GDP is a small price to pay.”

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