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‘Safe and happy’ country is one of the best for Brits to retire to



Once retirement rolls around many Britons take it as an opportunity to relocate and experience the next chapter of life in a new location. However, since Brexit, moving to destinations around Europe has become increasingly difficult for British citizens, with new visa requirements to consider.

Experts from Property Guides have unveiled some of the “easiest” destinations for British to retire to, and it’s no surprise that the number one destination is just a stone’s throw from England.

The experts from Guides named as the number one country for Britons to retire to based on how easy it is to relocate.

“Ireland was the winner principally because due to the ‘Common Travel Area’ there is no visa requirement for British people, it is English speaking and is particularly safe and happy,” explained the experts. “Not so great for sun worshippers, however.”

Given that Ireland is within easy reach of the UK, it’s also a great option for those who would like to visit family regularly.

Flight times vary depending on your departure and arrival airports, but as an example, take an average of one hour and five minutes.

Some of the best places to live in Ireland are by the sea including Kinsale, Westport, and Skerries. Though Ireland is not known for its scorching weather, if avoiding the worst temperatures is a top priority, Valentia Island in County Kerry is one of the warmest areas in the country.

Property Guides said: “Valentia Island is a beautiful spot located off Kerry’s picturesque Iveragh Peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean. It is linked to the mainland at the charming village of Portmagee but you can also hop on a car ferry, which operates from April to October.

“There are a couple of main settlements on the island – Knightstown and Chapeltown, yet less than 800 people call the island home on a permanent basis.

“Due to its isolated location, we tend to think it would be more suited to retirees looking for a peaceful spot for a permanent residence or a holiday home to visit during warmer months.”

According to the ranking, Spain was named the second “easiest” destination for Brits to retire to.

Though Spain is a favourite for British expats thanks to its relaxed way of life and mild year-round weather, it missed out on the top spot due to visa requirements. However, Spain did still come in second place, it is still a popular destination for British retirees.

The experts from Property Guides said: “For anyone who thought Brexit was the end of their dreams to retire to Spain, there is huge encouragement.

“While a visa requires a minimum income of €27,000 per year, there is also the option of buying a property and getting a ‘golden’ visa from that.”

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