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Mass producing clothes “morally wrong” says Waterford MEP |



Fast fashion is coming at a human cost and continuing to mass produce clothes, is ‘morally wrong’. That’s the view of Waterford Green Party MEP Grace O’Sullivan who was among those to support tougher measures on the matter at the European Parliament this week.

The move aims to put an end to the excessive production of clothes, and for clothes to be produced while respecting human and labour rights. Speaking to WLR in Strasbourg, the Tramore MEP says young people can drive a culture change.

“Fast fashion, the throwaway culture, is a race to the bottom. It’s not sustainable, and we have to change the way. I am hoping that young people when they realise that fast fashion is at a human cost, will change the way and look for more sustainability.

“We cannot have forced labour, it is ethically and morally wrong. To think that somebody is sitting in a factory in a country that is working unrealistic hours, with no breaks, and for very little pay, that’s not right. I think we are seeing a change in Ireland, in a way of a surge in second-hand shops.

“Believe me, I meet young people all the time. They are the drivers of the positive change. It is again the larger retailers like Penneys, who are always looking for profit. The Green Party is about people and the planet before a race to the bottom.”

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