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Ikea is now hiring people to work for its all-new Roblox store | GosuGamers



Image: Ikea/Roblox

Swedish furniture store Ikea is opening up a virtual store in Roblox, and staffing it with real workers. 

Popular Swedish furniture store Ikea has announced that it’s opening up a virtual store in Roblox. The shop will be available in-game for anyone to visit, but it will also be stocked by real workers running things remotely. The company has put up a hiring notice for 10 people living in the UK and Ireland to staff up its Roblox store, offering an hourly wage of £13.15. 


Ikea is hiring people to serve meatballs in Roblox

Ikea is now hiring what it calls ‘Co-Workers’ to staff up its new virtual store in Roblox, the game creation platform aimed largely at children. This is part of the company’s ‘Careers Done Different’ campaign, which offers multiple job positions for people who want to pursue different paths in the company. This being, arguably, as different a career path in Ikea can possibly get.

According to Ikea, ten candidates will be selected from the UK and Ireland to work in different sections of its Roblox store, such as the Showroom and Bistro. In the Showroom, employees will help visitors choose from an array of furniture, while those working in the Bistro will help to serve up meatballs and hot dogs. Employees will also have a chance to win exclusive user-generated content, which probably consists of virtual Ikea merchandise for their Roblox profiles. 

Ikea states that its Roblox employees will get, “a taste of what careers are like in a real life IKEA,” though the length of their limited employment contract is unspecified. The job is also, “fully remote and flexible,” and pays an hourly rate of £13.15/€14.80. Anyone who wishes to apply can go to Ikea’s official website to fill out a form, so long as they’re prepared to answer hard-hitting questions like, “How do you feel about being turned into pixels?”

This job offer will close on June 16, after which ten candidates will be selected to work various positions in the Roblox store. 

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