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‘I was chatting her up and she was having none of it’: Delorentos and Republic of Loose stars on becoming Ireland’s latest musical couple



Kieran McGuinness and Emily Aylmer on how Covid finally allowed them to collaborate on their debut album A Kind of Dreaming

Kieran and Emily McGuinness from Driven Snow. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Paul and Linda McCartney, Jay Z and Beyoncé, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Sonny and Cher. Music history is littered with husband-and-wife duos although, oddly, there are comparatively few Irish examples. Zoe Conway and John McIntyre come to mind before having to resort to Google.

Kieran McGuinness and Emily Aylmer might be about to change that. The married couple, who have three children and play music together as Driven Snow, are set to release a debut album whose songs capture something of the intimacy of marriage while also being universal.

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