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Elon Musk references IRA in response to tweet about Irish immigration |



Elon Musk was involved in another bizarre online exchange about Ireland when he called the IRA a “plush toy” in response to a post about Irish immigration from a far-right account.

In response to a far-right commentator who criticised Irish immigration policy, with a reference to the white nationalist great replacement theory, Mr Musk mentioned the IRA.

“Irish got mad with the English for coming some decades ago”, the account wrote, before mentioning Irish immigration policy, Mr Musk replied: “Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. The Irish Republic Army was so hardcore, but now they’re as scary as a plush toy.”

In response to a post about the anti-immigration rally in Dublin on Monday, Mr Musk replied: “The people of Ireland are standing up for themselves!”

In 2023, the billionaire Tesla founder also referred to the IRA, in a comment on the US inflation reduction act.

“Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) vs Irish Republican Army (IRA).” He added: “Which is actually harder, defeating inflation or defeating the British?”

It is not the first time the X owner has got involved in Irish politics.

In an interview with Gript in January, Mr Musk said he would fund Irish legal challenges to hate speech legislation.

He was referring to the Criminal Justice (Incitement to Violence or Hatred and Hate Offences) Bill.

Mr Musk said: “We obviously have standing as our European Headquarters are in Ireland, we have a big office in Ireland, a big presence in Ireland so we obviously have standing.

“We will also fund the legal fees of Irish citizens who want to challenge the bill, so we’ll make sure that if there is an attempt to suppress the voice of the Irish people that we do our absolute best to defend the people of Ireland and their ability to speak their mind.”

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