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What can we predict for online gambling in Dublin?

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Nowadays more than ever it appears that gambling is spreading all over the globe and people are experiencing how entertaining it can be. From poker and blackjack to slots and roulette people are engaging in a range of gambling activities to unwind and destress from their daily lives or to simply have some fun. This trend is no different in the country of Ireland where gambling is more popular than ever. In particular, Dublin is a hub for gambling activity as out of the 12 casinos in Ireland, 7 are located in country’s capital city, Dublin. In this regard, it is worth exploring what the future holds for Dublin in terms of online gambling and if it will soon overtake traditional forms of gambling.

Firstly, in technical terms land-based casinos are banned in Ireland due to the 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act. However, with the presence of members clubs, casino games can be facilitated for people all over the country. Residents of Dublin especially possess such an affinity for gambling because as these clubs are located in Dublin, Cork and County Limerick. This means that casino fans can freely play a range of games without having to worry about adhering to the rules. As is with many countries in Ireland there is a legal age limit which prevents people under the age of 18 from engaging in gambling. This age had previously been set as 16 for Irish citizens but there was a widespread belief that this age was too young and so it was updated.

In addition, E-sports have also exploded in Ireland and has been so popular that an official body has been created to govern its growth. In fact, around 22% of Irish adults saying that they either watch or participate in online tournaments related to gambling activities such as E-sports. As people in Ireland have incredibly prominent competitive streak, it is no surprise that gambling games are as popular as they are. Sports betting is so popular in Ireland as there is an enduring history of bookmaking and sports wagering with the country’s earliest gambling laws relating to these with the Betting Act of 1931 governing all sports betting activities. Horse racing in particular has been around for years and is a well loved sport throughout the nation which is why many people bet on it. It has also been responsible for gathering huge throngs of people to horse racing events as it is regarded as a social event where people can go to dress up and interact with other people for a fun day out.

Furthermore, as technology has advanced in recent years, we have also witnessed a surge in the volume of people turning to online gambling in Ireland for many reasons. In fact, more and more people actually prefer casino sites such as those found on the website Bonusfinder Ireland as opposed to traditional brick and mortar casinos to play their favourite gambling games. This had been made possible ever since the Betting Act of 2015 which permitted casino operators to offer their services in Ireland. Ireland has followed suit with many other countries such as the US and the UK who have also experienced a recent relaxation in terms of their gambling laws. Not only are online casinos extremely convenient and easily accessed but they also can offer a range of promotions and rewards that cannot be reaped at traditional casino establishments. For example, players may take advantage of no deposit bonuses or sign-up promotions. In addition, online casinos offer a huge variety of casino games that cannot physically be contained on the casino floor meaning that they will be spoilt for choice when it comes to playing an outstanding casino game.

On top of this, in Dublin and in Ireland in general some types of casino games are more popular than others. For example, poker has been popularised throughout Ireland as they had been legally permitted in many of the gambling clubs in the country. It is even more popular online as those in Ireland can play live poker with a live dealer which is even more realistic than before. With poker in Ireland, people can also take part in poker tournaments throughout the country with The Irish Open Poker Tournament being Europe’s largest poker tournament. Poker is also able to be accessed online through domestically licensed and offshore licensed poker rooms and there are even Irish poker rooms where you can connect with people all over the country.

In the future, there are upcoming trends of online gambling in Dublin to look out for. In the coming years we should expect more games to hit the market and completely change the landscape of online games. This trend also coincides with the volume of people playing video games in the country. In fact, Ireland has also produced some incredibly popular game developers including Steve Collins and Hugh Reynolds. These figures are responsible for the creation of Havok Games which has produced over 150 titles and generated massive revenue.

In conclusion, the popularity of online gaming in Dublin is clear to see and gives us a glimpse into how Ireland is increasingly becoming a prominent presence in the global gambling market. So why not join those who are already experiencing the benefits of online gambling and try it out for yourself today at one of the top casino sites?

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