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UK-Ireland film cinema release dates: latest updates for 2024

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Screen is listing the 2023 release dates for films in the UK and Ireland in the calendar below.

For distributors who wish to add/amend a date on the calendar, please get in touch with Screen here.


January 5
Priscilla (Mubi), One Life (Warner Bros), Scala! (BFI), Night Swim (Universal), Blank (Sparky)

January 6
Nabucco – Met Opera 23/24 (Trafalgar)

January 12
Poor Things (Disney), The Boys In The Boat (Warner Bros), Freaks Vs The Reich (Miracle/Dazzler), The Beekeeper (Studiocanal)

January 17
Mean Girls (Paramount)

January 19
The Holdovers (Universal), Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer (BFI), Enigma Of Kaspar Hauser (BFI), Two Tickets To Greece (Parkland), The End We Start From (Signature), The Book Of Clarence (Sony)

January 21
Giselle, Dutch National Ballet (Piece of Magic)

January 24
Rusalka – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)

January 25
NT Live: Dear England (National Theatre

January 26
All Of Us Strangers (Disney), The Colour Purple (Warner Bros), Jackdaw (Vertigo), This Blessed Pot (Verve), Samsara (Curson), The Tiger’s Apprentice (Paramount), Forever Young (Miracle)

January 27
Carmen – Met Opera 2023/24 (Trafalgar)


February 1
The Chosen Season 4 (Kova)

February 2
The Zone Of Interest (A24), American Fiction (Curzon), Migration (Universal), Argylle (Universal), The Persian Version (Sony), The Promised Land (Icon)

February 7
Manon – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)

February 9
The Iron Claw (Lionsgate), Gassed Up (Vertigo), The Trouble With Jessica (Jade), Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us (Sony), Perfect Days (Mubi), Out Of Darkness (Signature), The Jungle Bunch World Tour (Signature), Your Fat Friend (Tull)

February 14
Bob Marley: One Love (Paramount)

February 16
Madame Web (Sony), The Taste Of Things (Picturehouse), Getting It Back: The Story Of Cymande (BFI), Les Miserables (Universal), Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Son (Dartmouth)

February 22
Vanya – NT Live 2024 (National Theatre)

February 23
Wicked Little Letters (Studiocanal)

February 27
Exhibition On Screen: Painting The Modern Garden – Monet To Matisse 20 (Seventh Art)


the fall guy

March 1
The Fall Guy (Universal), Shayda (Vertigo), Evil Does Not Exist (Modern), Banel & Adama (We Are Parable)

March 8
Do Not Expect Too Much From The End Of The World (Sovereign), Caligula: The Ultimate Cut (Vertigo), Imaginary (Lionsgate), Io Capitano (Altitude), Copa 71 (Dogwoof)

March 9
La Forza Del Destino – Met Opera 2023/24 (Trafalgar)

March 15
Dune: Part II (Warner Bros), Fantastic Machine (Picturehouse), Elaha (606), Yodha (Moviegoers) 

March 21
Drive-Away Dolls (Universal)

March 22
Lisa Frankenstein (Universal)

March 23
Romeo Et Juliette – Met Opera 2023/24 (Trafalgar)

March 26
Madama Butterfly – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)

March 29
Mickey 17 (Warner Bros), Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire (Sony), Kung Fu Panda 4 (Universal), Monster (Picturehouse)


April 9
Macmillan Triple – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)

April 12
Opponent (MetFilm), Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire (Warner Bros)

April 16
Exhibition On Screen: John Singer Sargent 2024 (Seventh Art)

April 19
Orlando, My Political Biography (Picturehouse)

April 20
La Rondine – Met Opera 2023/24 (Trafalgar)

April 24
Swan Lake – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)

April 26
Challengers (Warner Bros)


May 1
Carmen – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)

May 10
My Ex-Friend’s Wedding (Sony)

May 11
Madama Butterfly – Met Opera 2023/24 (Trafalgar)

May 22
The Winter’s Tale – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)


May 24
Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes (Disney), Furiosa (Warner Bros), Garfield (Sony), IF (Paramount)

May 30
Message In A Bottle – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)


June 4
Exhibition On Screen: My National Gallery 2024 (Seventh Art)

June 7
Ballerina (Lionsgate)

June 11
Andrea Chenier – ROH, London 2024 (ROH)

June 14
Inside Out 2 (Disney)

June 28
A Quiet Place: Day One (Paramount), Horrorscope (Sony)


July 5
Despicable Me 4 (Universal)

July 19
Twisters (Warner Bros)


August 2
Harold And The Purple Crayon (Sony), Trap (Warner Bros)

August 9
Borderlands (Lionsgate), Speak No Evil (Universal)

August 30
Kraven The Hunter (Sony)


September 6
Beetlejuice 2 (Warner Bros)


October 4
Joker: Folie A Deux (Warner Bros)

October 18
Transformers One (Paramount)


November 8
Paddington In Peru (Studiocanal), The Amateur (Disney)

November 15
Alto Knights (Warner Bros)

November 29
Wicked (Universal)


December 13
Lord Of The Rings: The War Of The Rohirrim (Warner Bros), Karate Kid (Sony)

December 20
Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Paramount), Mufasa: The Lion King (Disney)


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