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The winter sunshine spot 5 hours from Ireland with 23C heat and €1.20 booze

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TAKE a look at the winter sunshine spot that’s just five hours from Ireland – with 23C heat, cheap alcoholic drinks and major water parks.

Cyprus, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is a popular destination for tourists year in and year out.


Cyprus is the ideal winter vacation spot with 23C heat
The stunning island boasts incredible ancient history and beautiful landmarks


The stunning island boasts incredible ancient history and beautiful landmarks
Cyprus is also renowned for it's delicious food and cheap pints


Cyprus is also renowned for it’s delicious food and cheap pints

With it’s magnificent beaches, cheap beer and thrilling water parks, Cyprus is the ideal destination for a fun family getaway this winter.

And a five hour flight from Ireland could have you sunbathing on one of the magnificent beaches with the stunning Mediterranean as your view.

Cyprus is also famous for its breathtaking sea caves and archaeological sites.

So if you’re interested in learning about the ancient Greek mythology or you’re fascinated by the beautiful sea structures – you’ve come to the right place.

Ryanair are currently offering flights from Dublin to Paphos from just €49 in December, so you don’t have to worry about splashing out to visit this island paradise.

Visit the spectacular sea caves at the Peiya Village seafront and take in the views of the natural caves carved into the rock faces along the shoreline.

The fantastic area of Kantarkastoi boasts some of the most incredible coastal rock formations, caves and stone lodges and arches.

Stretching over 18km, the beautiful rock formations create a unique backdrop to the stunning white sandy beach of Peiya,

However, the caves can only be reached by swimming or boat, they cannot be accessed on foot.

There are multiple boat tours available in the area that will take tourists around the natural sea cave.

The Blue Lagoon boat tour is a popular option, which takes visitors on a journey around the sea caves of Paphos all the way to the Blue Lagoon – it even stops off at the Bath of Aphrodite.

Previous visitors have recommended viewing the stunning area of Kantarkastoi at sunset as it makes for the most picturesque setting.

And for those looking for a more exciting sunshine activity, Cyprus is home to an array of water parks.

Take a trip to the fantastic Aphrodite Water Park in Paphos for a day of family fun.

Dare devils can have a go on the Free Fall slide – a 50ft plummet on a vertical water slide.

Or why not try the Kamikaze slide for the ultimate jaw dropping ride on the most fast and furious slide in the park.

Tickets for the exhilarating water park can be pre-booked online at

Family day passes can be secured for 2 adults and 3 kids, and any kids under 3 get in for free.

Finally, when it’s time to unwind, Cyprus has some of the most delicious cuisine to offer, and that’s not to mention the cheap beer.

A pint on the stunning island will only set you back €1.20 and a glass of wine comes in at just €2.20.

Make sure to try out some of the incredible restaurants along the Paphos coastline, Muse, Laona and Sala Thai are some popular tourist favourites to eat.

With breathtaking coastal views and magnificent beaches


With breathtaking coastal views and magnificent beaches

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