Sunday, March 3, 2024

Scaling Healthcare Businesses: Unlocking Your Potential in Ireland and expanding into the US

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In Ireland’s thriving healthcare and life sciences sector, companies seeking to grow and expand their businesses will encounter opportunities and challenges. Understanding how to maximise and navigate these is key to success. How can you grow your business in the Irish market, ensure successful fundraising and build and expand into the lucrative US market? What are the legal and financial implications?

Pinsent Masons invites you to a lunchtime seminar where our host, business journalist, author and broadcaster Matt Cooper, will ask experts from the life sciences sector to answer these questions and give their views and experience of scaling business and unlocking the US market.

The seminar will take the form of two panel sessions:

Unlocking the US

Representatives from Bayer’s US pharmaceuticals division, US market entry solutions firm COVE and Pinsent Masons will discuss opportunities in the US, including regulatory approval, grant support, IP protection and compliance.

Scaling your business

A leading entrepreneur and corporate finance and legal experts from Pinsent Masons, Goodbody and Deloitte will discuss their experiences of what has contributed to successfully scaled-up healthcare and life sciences businesses, including fundraising strategies.

We hope you can join us for a fantastic networking opportunity and to hear first-hand from market leading experts while sharing your own views and insights with us.

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