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Online Casino Trends to Watch in Ireland in 2024 | Editorialge

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Online casino enthusiasts in Ireland have undoubtedly observed a significant transformation in the platforms they engage with in recent years. 

As technology continues to evolve, online casinos in Ireland are able to deliver increasingly immersive experiences to players across the Emerald Isle.

This change is evident in each of the games, where new titles boast high-quality graphics, immersive soundtracks and engaging sound effects.

The Irish online casino landscape has also witnessed a shift towards more diversified fund transfer methods, enhanced customer service options, user-friendly interfaces, dedicated apps and the incorporation of numerous other cutting-edge technologies.

Considering the plethora of technological advancements witnessed in recent times, it is safe to assume that the Irish online casino industry will continue to evolve in 2024.

We explore the recent trends shaping the Irish casino industry while predicting some of the substantial changes players can anticipate next year.

Recent Online Casino Industry Trends in Ireland

Motivated by its determination to keep pace with technological advancements, the Irish online casino industry has changed dramatically over the last couple of years.

Basic digital renditions of traditional Irish casino games have transitioned into highly immersive, theme-driven titles that captivate users whenever they engage in gameplay. 

While online gaming provides users with several advantages, there is an undeniable charm associated with the experience of visiting a physical casino. 

This has prompted a strategic shift, with online casinos in Ireland increasingly focused on delivering experiences that mirror the allure of brick-and-mortar establishments.

Live dealer games have become increasingly popular, facilitating real-time interaction between players and a real dealer through streaming services to create an authentic gaming atmosphere.

Initially featuring simple live blackjack and roulette games, online casinos in Ireland now offer a wide variety of live experiences, including jackpot wheels with thrilling bonus rounds that improve overall gaming engagement.

What to Expect in 2024?

VR & AR technology

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology has gained increased prominence in our day-to-day activities in recent years.

Not too long ago, the notion of VR was associated with rudimentary technologies, such as headbands designed to strap smartphones to our heads. 

However, the industry has undergone significant advancements in recent times, with specialised headsets now capable of delivering immersive VR and AR experiences.

The progress of AR and VR is not confined to other sectors, so we can expect those technologies to play an increasingly prevalent role in the Irish online casino industry.

For instance, VR has the potential to enable players to participate in table games set in real-life casinos, all from the comfort of their homes. 

AR can be seamlessly integrated to introduce elements such as live dealers, furniture and interactions with other players, enhancing the overall online casino experience.

Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative digital payment methods are swiftly emerging as accessible options across a substantial portion of the internet, and various factors contribute to this trend.

Payment vendors such as PayPal already enable businesses to extend their services to individuals worldwide, all through a unified platform.

Alternative payment methods also offer a range of advantages, including quicker transactions, heightened security measures, enhanced data protection and more. 

Recognising the evolving demands of users, the Irish online casino industry is poised to continue incorporating additional alternative payment methods into their platforms throughout 2024. 

This should address the user expectations for faster casino withdrawals, bolstered financial security and the desire for enhanced anonymity.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers numerous ways to enhance the online casino experience in Ireland.

From a business standpoint, Irish casinos benefit from AI’s ability to analyse data, predict successful promotions, discern player preferences for new games and identify potential security threats.

AI also enhances the experience for online casino players by providing personalised game recommendations, rewards, bonuses and more. 

It goes a step further by identifying concerning gambling behaviours and patterns, allowing for early intervention and assistance to players. 

The comprehensive role of AI contributes to an overall improved user experience in the online casino realm, and we should see much more of this technology in 2024.


Cryptocurrencies have been a prevalent topic of discussion in recent years, garnering attention from mainstream media due to the market volatility of prominent names such Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

They are steadily gaining ground across various businesses and industries, and Irish online casinos are no exception, with some operators exclusively dedicated to utilising digital assets.

Cryptocurrencies are poised to play a more prominent role in the Irish online casino landscape in 2024, with players drawn to the benefits they offer.

These include swift transactions, reduced fees, enhanced security and more.

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