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G4D Tour: Mike Browne reflects on DP World Tour Championship win and how golf saved his life

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Mike Browne won his second G4D Tour title in Dubai after a three-stroke victory. Disruptive weather on Friday meant the G4D Tour Season Finale at the DP World Tour Championship was reduced to 18 holes at Jumeirah Golf Estates; he beat world No 1 Kipp Popert on the day.

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G4D DP World Tour Finale Champion Mike Browne says golf saved his life after he found the sport through a charity called the On Course Foundation.

G4D DP World Tour Finale Champion Mike Browne says golf saved his life after he found the sport through a charity called the On Course Foundation.

Amputee golfer Mike Browne paid tribute to golf and how it saved his life after his victory at the G4D Tour’s season-ending DP World Tour Championship in Dubai.

The Englishman won his first G4D [Golf for the Disabled Tour] title back in Ireland last year and sealed his second with a three-stroke victory in Dubai on Saturday, scoring a one-under 71 to finish ahead of world No 1 Kipp Popert.

Reflecting upon his achievement, he said: “It was nice, it was a good feeling to finally be able to say that you’ve got to chase me now, instead of us chasing him (Popert). It was really special for me.”

Browne suffered a leg break back in 2011 while training for the Royal Artillery Unit. The injury was unable to heal, which led to a rare infection and saw him needing to have his leg amputated two years later. The G4D winner took time to reflect on his story and the importance of golf to help him at a difficult time.

“I lost my leg at the end of 2013 and then took up golf in 2014, it was a rough time and I wasn’t in a good place physically or mentally,” Browne explained. “I found a charity called the On Course Foundation, I think I just had another operation and they were in at the recovery centre.

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“I saw a poster on the wall and I went and had a go and fell in love with it. That moment saved my life and that’s what golf was good for. “

The technological influence on Browne’s career

The technological advancement of leg prosthetics over the years allowed Browne to participate at the highest level of golf, with the Englishman’s journey and experience using prosthetics changing during that period.

“When I first started, I just had a bit of metal with a mountain bike shock, that’s the best way to describe it. I had no movement. A few months later, I learnt how to run and then you progress to what we call a Genium X3.

“It’s a microprocessor leg, it knows what I’m doing before I do. It’s that technology because it’s got a gyroscope in, so it goes into the centre of the earth and whatever movement I go, it knows what I’m doing. It’s got a little ankle that’s a 15-degree motion. I used to play without it, but with this it makes such a big difference.”

How important is the G4D Tour?

Since taking up golf, Browne became professional and the G4D gave him – and other golfers with a disability – the chance to play at the some of the world’s best courses.

“No doubt I don’t know where I would be without golf,” Browne explained. “I wasn’t in a good place, but it has allowed me to have a platform to travel the world and live my best life.

“I’m so blessed to do what I do and meet people I do through the GD4 and other tours as well, it’s just amazing. You are sharing the course with the greats of modern times so I feel very privileged and lucky to get this chance. Thank you to everyone who has got me to this point.”

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