Friday, March 1, 2024

Food courier Valentine’s Day strikes not expected to hit Northern Ireland

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The action, which will also see couriers from Uber Eats take part, will come into force on Wednesday between 5pm and 10pm.

However, a spokesperson for Just Eat said they were not aware of any planned strike action in Northern Ireland currently.

Deliveroo said it believes the focus of the strikes remains primarily in London and surrounding areas.

Takeaway delivery drivers are demanding better pay and improved working conditions. It is thought as many as 3,000 across the UK will join the strike action.

Those employed in the delivery driver industry are classified as self-employed, meaning their employees can pay them less than the national living wage – which currently stands at £10.42 an hour.

The action has been organised by a grassroots group of couriers and is intended to highlight poor conditions riders face when delivering in UK cities.

“Sacrificing a few hours for our rights is essential, instead of continuing to work incessantly for insufficient wages,” the group Delivery Job UK said on its Instagram page.

“Our request is simple: we want fair compensation for the work we do. We are tired of being exploited and risking our lives every day… It’s time for our voices to be heard.”

A spokesperson for Just Eat said the company takes the concerns of all couriers on its network “extremely seriously”.

“Their welfare is important to us, and we welcome their feedback,” added Just Eat.

“Our data shows that couriers delivering for Just Eat earn, on average, significantly over both the London and national living wage for the time they are on an order.

“We provide a highly competitive base rate to self-employed couriers and have a good relationship with the vast majority of couriers across our network.

“In addition, we offer regular incentives to help them maximise their earnings and continue to review our pay structure regularly.”

A spokesperson for Deliveroo added: “Deliveroo aims to provide riders with the flexible work riders tell us they value, attractive earning opportunities and protections.

“Thousands of people apply to work with Deliveroo each month, rider retention rates are high and the overwhelming majority of riders tell us that they are satisfied working with us.”

An Uber Eats spokesperson said: “We offer a flexible way for couriers to earn by using the app when and where they choose.

“We know that the vast majority of couriers are satisfied with their experience on the app.”

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