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Flight attendant mocked for ’embarassing’ hotel meal hack

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A FLIGHT attendant has been mocked online for her ’embarrassing’ hotel meal hack.

Kaitlyn posts content on TikTok showing how life is as a flight attendant to her 45,000 subscribers.


Kaitlyn’s TikTok channel has over 45,000 followers and around 765,000 likesCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

But her viewers were less than impressed when Kaitlyn showed them how she eats when the hotel she stayed in had no microwave.

In the video, Kaitlyn said: “A lot of times I get to my hotel room at the most random times – it could be super late at night and there’s not always a microwave.”

Kaitlyn grabbed a pack of Not-Chick’n, Boullion Cubes that cost around £2 and is used for making soup or gravy.

Speaking to her viewers – she put the whole Not-Chick’n cube in her disposable coffee cup.

Kaitlyn then poured water into her coffee pot and put the cup with the cube underneath it so it would fill up with hot water from the coffee machine.

She said: “I hope it doesn’t taste like coffee,” while she waited for her cup to fill up.

She added: “I just read the instructions it says you’re only supposed to put half in a cup.

“So, I might have to make two cups.”

After her cup with the Not-Chick’n cube was filled with hot water Kaitlyn proceeded to stir it but quickly realised she needed more water.

She decided to make another cup of water and “somehow even it out”.

But, this seems to bring only more problems for Kaitlyn.

She said: “Well now I have a problem because I have two full cups.

“I don’t have any more cups so I don’t think I thought this through.”

Kaitlyn decided to pour the chicken soup back and forth between her two cups to mix the Not-Chick’n cubes properly.

She said: “Life of a flight attendant guys.

“Sometimes we’re in Paris eating at a beautiful cafe.

“Somedays we’re making soup out of like broth I don’t even know what I want to call that.”

Kaitlyn added: “This is like flavoured water basically.”

After she finished mixing her water-flavoured chicken soup it was time for Kaitlyn to taste it.

And to her surprise it was pretty good she said, giving it a solid “7 out of 10”.

However, her viewers were not convinced that her soup could’ve tasted good.

One person wrote: “No! Not the coffee pot!”

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Another added: “Isn’t there any other food?”

And one user said: “Ummmmmm that’s not soup.”

Not-Chick'n, Boullion Cubes are typically used to make broth


Not-Chick’n, Boullion Cubes are typically used to make brothCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

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