Friday, February 23, 2024

Ex-Blackcap Vincent in ‘no rush’ to return to cricket after life ban relaxed

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But on Friday night (NZ time), those sanctions were relaxed, and saw Vincent able to return to the game at the domestic level or lower.

The process involved to see the ban relaxed took more than 12 months, and saw collaboration from Vincent’s lawyer and the New Zealand Cricket Players Association.

Now able to take part in the game again, though, NZCPA chief executive Heath Mills told Newshub that Vincent won’t immediately return to the sport at any level.  

“Lou’s not looking to get heavily back into the sport any time soon,” said Mills. “He’s building, and he’s happily living up north.

“But in the future, he’ll look to take his family along, and perhaps get engaged at community level, but it’s a wait and see.

“There’s no rush from his perspective to get heavily involved back in the sport. He has a life outside of cricket, and we support him with that.  

“We look forward to him having a good future back involved in the sport at any level, whether that’s schools, clubs or community level.

“That’ll be a good thing for Lou.”

Vincent is not the first player to be banned from cricket for corruption, but his punishment was among the harshest.

In the history of the game, only seven international players have been handed life bans, but none since Vincent was in 2014.

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