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Cancer Horoscope for March 2023 – Susan Miller Astrology Zone

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Your March Horoscope for Cancer

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The planets are now playing musical chairs, and this is exciting. When planets, especially the big, outer planets, move into different signs (houses) of your horoscope, life will gradually take on a new luster and glow. Mars, Saturn, and Pluto will all change signs in March, and in May, Jupiter, will move into a different sign, too. This means new opportunities will open up in various parts of your life. You can solve old problems now and move forward, for you will not feel stuck—this month will be invigorating, like opening up a window and letting in fresh air.

Let’s start at the top of the month.

Venus and Jupiter will meet in Aries on March 1 and 2 at the very pinnacle of your chart, lighting your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. This will be a powerful conjunction that happens only once annually, and each time in a different sign. This aspect will shower you with a golden glow and will reveal that you have earned the respect of VIPs and subordinates alike. This year, Jupiter will leave Aries on May 16, so when it comes to career growth, you need to put your greatest efforts in prior to May 16. Once Jupiter leaves, he will not return to this part of your chart for 12 years. While you will always be able to advance, you are now in a golden period when it will be easier for you to scale great heights.

Next is the golden full moon at 17 degrees Virgo, your third house of contractual relationships, on March 7. This full moon will help you crystalize something important, perhaps a contract or a writing, editing, speaking, or digital project. This is the perfect time to draw up plans for a new advertising, publicity, or social media campaign. It is the ideal time to write to your editor to propose a new story idea or to introduce a new marketing idea to your staff (if this is your department’s function). It’s also a great time to travel, and it appears you have a specific goal in mind for a quick, short trip (which is probably within a day’s drive from your home). Since Mercury is to go retrograde next month, shepherd things through to completion now, because you don’t want to get tangled up in Mercury retrograde, starting April 21. (You will feel the slowdown earlier by 7 to 10 days.) If you act now, in March, you will avoid a lot of problems.

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