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As The Body Shop Collapses What Happens To Its Irish Stores



The Body Shop was one of the first stores we would have shopped for a body mist and body butter. The much-loved brand launched in the mid-70s from a tiny store in Brighton and two or three decades had stores across the globe.

Created by Dame Anita Roddick and her husband Gordon, The Body Shop was an activist brand, and it had environmental concerns at its heart alongside being vocal in its opposition to animal cruelty in beauty, a cause that remained strong with the brand for 50+ years.

The news of its collapse will affect more than 2000 staff between here in the UK and Ireland, some 40 of those are full-time workers in the seven stores we have here in the Republic.

The Body Shop Collapse

The Body Shop Pic: Shutterstock

News of the rumoured collapse started late last year when The Body Shop’s parent company, Brazilian beauty giant Natura sold the brand in a €243m ‘bargain deal’ to an investment company called Aurelius.

Natura purchased the brand in 2017 from L’Oreal for just over a billion euros. The leading French beauty brand reportedly bought from Dame Roddick in 2006 for three-quarters of a billion, out of which she and her husband made €157m. With news of Aurelius moving in on the brand in November 2023, it seemed that a restructuring of The Body Shop was on the cards for the beleaguered brand as it continuously reported poor sales and dipping profits.

What Now?

The Body Shop Pic: Getty
The Body Shop Pic: Getty

Globally, The Body Shop has around 3,000 stores operating in 70 countries but Sky News is reporting that out of the 200 stores between here and the UK the brand might be looking at a closure of 100 to take it into line with Lush who has a similar presence between our two countries.

They also say that The Body Shop has made a statement saying ‘Administrators will now consider all options to find a way forward for the business and will update creditors and employees in due course,’ and that they will work towards ‘ensuring customers will be able to continue to shop in-store and online for their favourite products.’

With only seven stores here in Ireland, we can only hope that disruption will be minimal and the store loved by many generations of Irish fans will survive this latest situation.

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